Wednesday, November 3, 2010

Rapp Creek Area near Upper Black Eddy

Late this morning I went for a hike on Pennsylvania State Game Land #146 which is located along Rapp Creek near Upper Black Eddy, Bucks County, PA. It was a beautiful, bright, sunny autumn day. When one stopped  for a moment, one could hear the leaves falling. Below are a few of the sights of the day.

I haven't place many pictures of the creek and its falls here. But they can be really impressive just after a heavy rain. I took a few pictures of the falls today but due to the time of day there was too much of a contrast between bright and dark areas. It's amazing how our eyes can take that all in but cameras aren't able to handle it. Sometimes one just needs to be a painter.

A leaf on top of a dead trunk

Another leaf floating down Rapp Creek

Some beautiful red berries

A few remaining bright autumn leaves

A rock with patterns - they fascinate me

More rocks

Some bright autumn leaves against the sky


  1. It is not more easy being a painter Tim, because Mother Nature does much better than any one can do. Sometimes I prefer when it is a bit rainy. I like to walk in a forest and hear the sound of the drops on the leaves too.

  2. Beautiful Fall colors and indeed a nice walk to see the bright changes on your hike.

  3. Thanks, cergie. You are right that God in nature does a much better job than any of us can. But there are situations in which humans can better capture artful reality through painting rather than photography.

    Thanks, sue anne. Glad you enjoyed some of the sights of my hike.