Monday, March 28, 2011

Playful with Nature

Once in a while I like to play around with images. The original image was photographed in a swampy area of Whites Mill Preservation Area in Salford Township, Montgomery County, PA back on the first day of March. The modified image had a plastic wrap filter applied to it. Notice how it highlights the edges already present in the original photo. Take time to view each image separately for full aesthetic effect and appreciation. Take in both the real and the abstract. Its common name is Skunk Cabbage and its botanical name symplocarpus foetidus.

Original Image

Modified Image


  1. Both are interesting takes...but I have to say I prefer the original:)

  2. Skunk Cabbage! interesting photos

  3. The original image seems more "thick", the water even seems being a window. These flowers waited like water lilies hidden in the water. The two pictures are not very different so I prefer the first one for that time.

  4. A "plastic wrap filter"? Is that just platic wrap wrapped around the lens? I never would have giessed it would do that. It looks like worms are crawling over everything. Have you tried using a polarizer to look under the water? This is a terrific experiment.

  5. I love how you play around with your images, Tim. In the original image, I can pretend each little flower/petal is a tiny boat holding a wee creature for the ride of its life. :)

  6. ah, Tim-Tim my old friend! how have you been (I'll take a look in a minute)

    It's so good to hear from you. I have missed our strolls in my sister (or brother) Montgomery county PA.

  7. I like the original but it is fun to play with effects. (:
    Beautiful picture BTW.

  8. These are interesting pictures. The second one looks like it has the lights dancing all around the petals – I like both pictures.

  9. Thanks, dawn. Glad you enjoyed the shots. My wife generally prefers the real more than the abstract, too.

    Thanks, sage. They were amongst the first signs of spring I saw this year.

    Thanks, cergie. Your observations are always looked forward to.

    Thanks, ted. Maybe sometime I should try what you thought the plastic wrap filter might be. Could be interesting. In this case, it's a filter that works with Photoshop CS4. As for the polarizer filter for the camera, I have one but I have mostly used it when I wanted to make skies bluer.

    Thanks ginnie. I like the imagery you create via words.

    Thanks, paige. It's good to be back in touch.

    Thanks, sue anne. I think most people prefer the original. But like you say experimenting is fun and sometimes I prefer the abstract and the unreal.

    Thanks, vagabonde. Both pictures can express a sense of beauty or meaning.

  10. Can you tell us what kind of plant this is? Very interesting plant.

  11. Hello Horst in Edmonton. It's called Skunk Cabbage in the vernacular or it's botanical name is Symplocarpus foetidus. It's a plant that prefers wetlands.