Monday, June 21, 2010

Lenape Park - East Branch of the Perkiomen Creek

This past Friday, my wife and I took a walk along the East Branch of the Perkiomen Creek near Lenape Park in Perkasie, Pennsylvania. It was a beautiful evening for a walk. Below are a few photos from the outing.

 Heart-shaped flowers - one of our favorites

A beautiful pink and white combination

I like the contrast of the pink against the dark background.

A white daisy - one of my wife's favorite wildflowers


  1. Hey Tim! Great photos as always. Sorry it took me a few days to visit. I will be a frequent visitor or your new blog for sure!!!

  2. Hey again. this is kind of crazy. A few months ago I started a new blog through WordPress that is still private to the public. As you know I've had a couple of photo blogs. and I've tried having a separate blog that posts devotional thoughts. My hope for this new blog is to combine the two elements into one blog that has a photo tab and a devotional tab. the crazy part. The name of the blog is going to be:
    "'On Journey with God' ....Guidebook in Hand." It has a bridge going over a stream and leading to a path into the woods. What I think is crazy is that your new blog is called "Journeys" and has a bridge leading to the ocean! ....Journey....bridge.... mine has those too!!!! We must be blog kindred spirits!!!

  3. It will be great to see wild native flowers again and discover that they are in our European gardens !
    And to go back with you both to Perkiomen Creek !
    Heart-shaped flower... Simple but beautiful.

  4. Thanks, charlie. It's neat to find things in common, isn't it? And I look forward to your blog visits here.

    Thanks, cergie. I'm glad you enjoy nature like I do.