Sunday, July 4, 2010

Family, Friends, and Homemade Ice Cream

Last evening, we went to my parents' home to celebrate the birthdays of my two youngest brothers and as a going away party for one of them. It was a good time of fellowship and we'll miss the one who is going away.

 Some of our family and friends

Our bountiful table - meatball sandwiches, salads, and fruit

Time to eat!

Picnicking outside - almost done

 The guests of honor in white T-shirts
The one on the right is soon moving to California for a new job

Making homemade ice cream

 The finished product
Homemade ice cream on top of my wife's chocolate cake and raspberries

Three of my nephews

My sister with one of her kittens
and a nephew hiding behind her


  1. That looks like a terrific family get together. Thanks for stoping by my blog and leaving a comment. Drop by any time.

  2. I would like to have something like that, Tim, and do home made ice cream ! My sister in law does lavander-ice cream and it is so good !
    California is not do far from Pennsylvannia, is it ?
    I'm glad to notice all your family is fine and in particular your parents.

  3. Thanks, photowannabe. It was a great family get-together.

    Thanks, marguerite. I never heard of lavander ice cream before but I would try it if given a chance. Actually Pennsylvania is on the East Coast and California is on the West Coast around 3000 miles apart.

  4. This is what holidays are all about, Tim. I missed my family reunion at the cottage in Michigan. (sigh) Where in California, I wonder, is your brother going? I lived in San Diego for 7 years (where my two kids were born) and in Pasadena for 5 years.

  5. Thanks, ginnie. Getting together with family is special to me and I'm sure you missed your family reunion, too. I remember many a fun picture from your family gatherings.