Tuesday, July 27, 2010

Celtic Spring

Sunday evening, my wife and I enjoyed a concert by the Celtic Spring band at the Sellersville Theatre in Bucks County, PA. The family knows how to fiddle and step dance. The way they perform one can tell that they do it because they enjoy it - it's part of who they are. Below are two YouTube videos from past performances. Enjoy! And if you want to learn more about them, do check out the Celtic Spring web site.


  1. Tim what a surprise ! My grand daughter has a celtic name because her father is a true celtic guy from French Brittany and my husband's christian name is Patrick (he is from Brittany too).
    Celtic people came from East Europe and they left some monuments even in my Vosges mountains, and some people are really still now true celtic people (my sister in law for instance has blue eyes and fair hair and a round head)
    We do love this music and these dances.

  2. Thanks, cergie. My wife and I appreciate Celtic music and dance. There's an aliveness about it. :)