Monday, October 18, 2010

Autumn Leaves - Whites Mill Preservation Area

Today I went hiking at Whites Mill Preservation Area in Salford Township, Montgomery County, PA. Despite being mostly cloudy, it was a beautiful fall day especially when the sun did shine through. Below are a few views of the fall foliage I enjoyed.


  1. Nice Era.
    Beautiful scenery through the words and the scenery as well!

  2. You are true to what you love in these walks, Tim. I like that about you. And I like being able to imagine the joy of seeing Mother Nature in all her splendor.

  3. Autumn is like spring : some trees are more in a hurry than the others so they are all different. I like that...

  4. I see more colors, beautiful views of Fall time.

  5. Thanks, Aurangel. Glad you enjoyed my photography.

    Thanks, Ginnie. It was a great morning out in the woods. It had been a while since I took my last hike so it felt especially good!

    Thanks, Cergie. Your comment is so right!

    Thanks, Sue Anne. I've been surprised by the colors we've seen. The way Autumn began I thought we wouldn't have any color. Glad I was wrong!