Saturday, October 9, 2010

High Rocks State Park, Bucks Co., PA

Yesterday afternoon my wife and I went for a hike at High Rocks State Park. Along the Tohickon Creek, there are some fairly high rocky bluffs. Often in the fall, it can be a great place to see colored leaves though not so much this year with the very dry summer into September. It was a beautiful sunny day for our hike though the bright sun contrasting with the darker areas of the woods made for difficult photography. Nevertheless here are a few pics from our day.

An overview of  a section of the Tohickon Creek

My Sweetheart

Another angle of the Tohickon Creek

The Sweetheart's spouse

One remnant of many stone walls in the park

A few fall leaves

At one point, we almost stepped on this creature.

Our path back


  1. This looks familiar.
    The trees are not so colorful this year and I enjoyed the overviewsviews and the stone wall you found.
    Very nice pictures of you and your wife. :)

  2. That last image in the woods reminds me of a past life, Tim, when I was a little girl. I can FEEL it. I love it that you both continue to do the things you did when you first fell in love. This is so important!

  3. So this yesterday was a friday and I can imagine how quiet you were your sweetheart and you, Tim. How nice it is having met somebody having the same simple pleasures than you. Simple because you only need the gold of the fall leaves. I appreciate particularly to look at this picture and also to guess that the sky was blue as the water in the river was...

  4. Thanks, Sue Anne. The trees haven't been as colorful this year but in the past couple days I've been seeing more color than previously this fall.

    Thanks, Ginnie. Glad I could bring back a pleasant memory. Thanks for your encouragement.

    Thanks, Cergie. It was a beautiful day to spend with my wife out in nature. And you're right that the sky was a full fledged blue.