Monday, June 27, 2011

Earth and Sky

About two weeks ago, I did some hiking at PA State Gamelands #196 in West Rockhill Township, Bucks County. Those of you who have read my previous post have already seen some butterflies and dragonflies from that same hike there. This post will highlight the many wildflowers and a couple sky pictures.

This wildflower grows spikes of buds and flowers several feet high.

 It was a beautiful morning but a front was moving in
that brought showers later that afternoon.

 A little past its prime but still beautiful

 Some sweet honeysuckle blossoms - when I was young
I used to pull the stamens for the sweet nectar

 The vegetation was very wet that morning
I came home with thoroughly soaked socks and shoes


  1. This reminded me of when I sicked the ends of lilac blossoms, Tim, when I grew up in Michigan...even as late as high school. :) Beautiful flowers for your walk.

  2. Хорошие фотографии!

  3. Thanks, horst in edmonton. It was beautiful to the soul as well as the eyes.

    Thanks, ginnie. Glad it reminded you of good things.

    Thanks, mari. Glad you appreciated the photos.

  4. Hallo Tim
    Beautiful nature seri Tim and beautiful flowers I like et
    Greetings Janny
    Thanks for your comment my blog

  5. Thanks for the wonderful walk through the wildflowers. I used to do the same thing with the honeysuckle.
    Our temperatures are finally being summer here. 100* for the holiday.
    Enjoy the 4th.

  6. Tim, I feel that I was walking with you on this trail. Yesterday, I also went hiking on a trail close to where I live in the late afternoon and I didn't have camera with myself. And that was a huge mistake.

    Anyway, your pictures of wild flowers are beautiful. I think that wildflowers are more beautiful than garden flowers. And I like the picture of a bird.


    Have a nice Independence Day!!!!

  7. I love the clouds and the bird ! but all the
    images are beautiful !
    have a nice sunday

  8. Beautiful little flowers and neat clouds.
    Walking gives lots of chances to look for the little jewels.

  9. Beautiful pictures, I love the bright and beautiful skies. Wonderful shots. Regards

  10. I know the wild flower at the top, Tim and butterflies too or rather their caterpillars like it.
    I don't understand really what you used to do with the flower smelling so good and being a dangerous poison though (like lily of the valley is). However maybe you are a snail or a bird ?
    A lot of beautiful pictures on this post, I enjoy the bird in the sky and the milipede.

  11. These are so beautiful! Nothing better than a hike- is there? Even if there are wet socks involved?:))

  12. Thanks, janny. Glad you enjoyed the nature scenes.

    Thanks, photowannabe. So the way we enjoyed the honeysuckle is not unique to our family. :)

    Thanks, kaya. Glad you were able to experience my hike through my photos.

    Thanks, marty. I thought the bird picture turned out pretty well myself.

    Thanks, sueanne. Walking does indeed enable one to find little jewels.

    Thanks, leovi. The sky was indeed beautiful!

    Thanks, cergie. Glad you enjoyed the post!

    Thanks, dawn. A little sacrifice is always good for the soul. :)

  13. Hello Tim

    Thanks for your kind reaction by the Owl picture.

    Your blog is also nice.... i like these lovely flower and family pictures.

    Greetings and a nice day,

    Bye, Joop