Saturday, June 11, 2011

Timepiece - the power of forgiveness

 I recently borrowed the book Timepiece by Richard Paul Evans from one of my siblings. It's a love story that proclaims hope in the midst of tragedy and calamity. The story brings together a wealthy business man and a woman of unfortunate circumstances. It is almost a fairy tale account of love and happiness until the messiness and sometimes harshness of life sets in. The book is most captivating at the beginning and the end. By the end of the book one begins to see the life-giving value and hope that exercising forgiveness can bring versus the downward spiral of keeping grudges and exercising revenge whether humanly justifiable or not.

And here's a couple more pictures of beauty and hope.


  1. Tim. thank you for sharing with us your opinion about this book. I usually follow my daughter's recommendations. Recently she suggested to read The Help by Kathryn Stockett. This is also very good book.

    "Timepiece" sounds very interesting and well written. I will read it. Your review of this book is great.

    And yes they are pictures of beauty and hope. Beautiful flowers. Pure pleasure to look at them.

    Have a nice weekend, Tim!!!!!

  2. Thanks for letting me know that my message worked. I'm going to try something else. So lets see if this way works better.
    Incidentially, that books sounds like a good read and the flowers are lovely.

  3. Gorgeous flowers and a lovely post, Tim. Hope you are having a great weekend.

  4. Also the power of forgetting...
    Last week a writer I like very much died. He was 87 and came back from Buchenwald. He said that you must live minute after minute, hour after hour, day after day. Maybe is it how your Dad was able to enjoy his life despite his terrible illness and your Mom be still happy....
    (Please say "Hi" for me to your wild rabbits, Tim !)

  5. I've not yet heard of that book, Tim, but it sounds worthy of a read. Thanks for the recommendation.

    And, as always, you show your handiwork with Mother Nature's gifts.

  6. Really enjoyed this post. Got me to thinking...

  7. The forces of nature continually give voice to the message of hope. It is us humans that I sometimes wonder about. Thanks for the book suggestion.

  8. Great post, beautiful flowers - thank you for your kind comment at my gulls in the sun!

  9. Hey Tim. I sent a a couple of e-mails to your g-mail address on your web page. I'm not sure if you got them or not.

    (An Eagle's View)

  10. thanks for the book recommendation and ooo the lovery flowers

  11. Thanks for the review. Tim. This summer, I am posting at this blog instead of as "Sage"

    I recently read (or listened via ipod) a good book about dealing with life that you might like: "Saint Maybe" by Anne Tyler

  12. That was a good post. I love the pink flower – it is a beauty.

  13. Thanks, kaya. Hope you enjoy the book.

    Thanks, photowannabe. Glad you enjoyed the flowers and the book review.

    Thanks, nancy. I did have a good weekend even though I had to work. My wife and I also went to a graduation party pig roast. Yummy foods!

    Thanks, cergie. Sometimes life is that way - hour by hour, minute by minute. I almost posted a picture of one of the wild rabbits relaxing in our parking area for you.

    Thanks, ginnie. Glad you enjoyed the flowers.

    Thanks, honest abe. Thinking can sometimes be a good thing. :)

    Thanks, ted roth. I hear what you say though we humans are part of nature, too. I've met lots of people though who give me hope and lots that don't, too.

    Thanks, marias. Glad you enjoyed the flowers.

    Thanks, charlie, for those emails. Still praying for your situations.

    Thanks, paige, glad you enjoyed my post.

    Thanks, jeff. Saint Maybe might just be a good suggestion.

    Thanks, vagabonde. I love that flower, too.