Tuesday, July 5, 2011

Family Gathering - The Food

On July 3, our family got together for the late afternoon and evening time. There was so much good that happen there I'm splitting it into two posts - one featuring the food and one featuring the many other activities. So be sure to check them both out for the full story. :)

Beginning to gather for our picnic supper

The food table - grilled hotdogs, sweet corn, potato salad,
macaroni salad, seven layer jello salad, and a raw veggie & dip platter
among a number of other snacks and cut-up fruit

The sweet corn close up - it reminded me of my growing up days
when we made a meal out of sweet corn, butter bread, and applesauce.

Eating outside - earlier the thunder rumbled but only a few drops came

My nephews' pet dog waiting expectantly at the feet of one of my brothers

Blueberry lemon pound cake for desert made by my wife and I

And homemade vanilla ice cream to go along with the cake
We also had home grown raspberries and blueberries to go along
with it as well as a homemade raspberry syrup. Yummy!

 If you haven't done so already be sure to also check out the post entitled
 Family Gathering - Our Activities from this same event.


  1. Hello Tim! As one whose extended family is scattered quite radically across time and space, I spent the holiday mainly eyeing surrounding fields for smoke plumes. But, even tho we're well into triple digit temperatures here, the warmth of your photos was not unwelcome. My thanks and compliments.

  2. Tim, you can't imagine how I love the family gatherings. I think this is the best time to enjoy and share many things.

    Your pictures of the family gathering are great. That is so good to have a dinner in the back yard.!!!! And share the food, laugh, memories and conversations. And of course the sweet delicious corn. And this blueberry pound cake is so yummy!!!!


    Greetings from Kaya.

  3. Everything looks delicious, Tim. Did you have to crank the ice cream or was it electric? :)

  4. У вас хорошая, большая семья! Как это чудесно собираться всей семьёй за одним столом!

  5. Happily you have a large kitchen ! I like corn even if not sweet, I'm abble to eat the same one than cows if cooked....
    I ate some yesterday evening.
    I presume you were not starving at the end of the gathering...

  6. This looks like a great event and definitely time for pictures. My wife is a bagpiper so the 4th is a time for her to march in parades which left me free to wander and photograph.

  7. Looks like a memorable get together with lots of good food. The blueberry pound cake looks yummy besides the corn.

  8. Home made ice cream. Sounds delicious to me.

  9. Beautiful serie of your family. I think Pennsylvania is a land of milk and honey.
    greetz, Ivo

  10. I just love these photo's of the family gathering , and eating outside how wonderful. Sheila

  11. Sweet Corn! O'how I miss the sweet corn of my youth. Here's a secret those poor ol' southern folks don't know what Real corn is...Bless their hearts. <3 <3 <3

  12. Hi Tim Wath a lovely family photo's
    very nice and lovely eating fantastisc
    Have a nice day
    Greetings Janny

  13. Now THAT'S what I'm talking about! THAT is what July 4th is all about. Family time around all the good food!

  14. Thanks, geo. Glad you appreciated the warmth of my family photos from that day. Family does mean a lot to us.

    Thanks, kaya. I think everyone ought to experience family gatherings like mine when possible. They are a highlight in my life.

    Thanks, nancy. We cranked the ice cream; it was not electric. Tasted quite delicious!

    Thanks, mari. We do have a great big family and it is wonderful when we all can gather together at one spot.

    Thanks, marguerite. The sweet corn is good. And if anybody goes home hungry, it is their own fault. :)

    Thanks, ted roth. I have a friend in Massachusetts who plays the bagpipe, too. And, yes, marching and bagpipes seems to go together.

    Thanks, sue anne. The blueberry pound cake was delicious along with all the other food.

    Thanks, honest abe. The homemade ice cream was absolutely delicious!

    Thanks, foto-ivo. Pennsylvania is a beautiful place to live and experience life.

    Thanks, catches the eye. It was a special time!

    Thanks, paige. Hopefully, I didn't make you too hungry. :)

    Thanks, janny. Hope things are going well for you, too.

    Thanks, ginnie. Family time around good food can't be beat! :)