Tuesday, July 12, 2011

Peace Valley Park

Around two weeks ago, I went for a hike at Peace Valley Park not far from Doylestown, Bucks County, PA. It was a beautiful sunny morning and early afternoon. The park is centered around Lake Galena. The following are just a few of the beautiful sights I saw. In this series is a picture of a turtle I almost stepped on. It startled me. And second from the end is a picture of a old and very thick grape vine in the surrounding woods.


  1. very pretty! we haven't been to peace valley in a good long while.

  2. Oh wow, Tim! These photos are great. I can't believe how big that vine is! I wonder how old it is. :)

  3. Finally I find them ! I saw the flower (Soleil du Mexique = Mexican sunflower) at the top in a garden two years ago and never see them in any nursery.
    The turtle is terrible ! A true monster ! I'm afraid !
    What a wonderful view in the light and shade towards the river and the reed. This picture is the one I like the best today...

  4. All your photos show the beauty of nature – and I would have loved to get a piece of that blueberry lemon pound cake – some serious yum there!

  5. I always enjoy tagging along on your nature shoots.
    really like the snow ball flower thing with bee on it. :-D

  6. How many times over the years have I repeated that I love how often you take nature walks, Tim! I pray you will always be able to continue them. They're so much in your life's blood!

  7. Thanks, kirsten. I like going to Peace Valley Park - all areas of it. There's a lot to be seen there if one looks.

    Thanks, nancy. I'd like to know the age of the grape vine, too. It's impressive.

    Thanks, cergie. Your comments cause me to smile with delight.

    Thanks, jeff. Glad you enjoyed the photos.

    Thanks, vagabonde. Nature does possess much beauty.

    Thanks, paige. Glad that I can provide you that opportunity from time to time.

    Thanks, ginnie. I do enjoy nature walks.

  8. Hi Tim thank you for your comment. Your photo's are smashing nature being my favourite subject .