Monday, December 5, 2011

Enjoying Nature Close to Home

On Wednesday, November 30, I decided to take a short walk to enjoy nature close to home. It was a beautiful sunny morning but invigoratingly cool. Below are some of the highlights from that walk.

 Anything other than brown leaves are a scarcity
but I found a little bit of color here.

 The over-abundant Canadian Geese - still beautiful

 A robin in a tree with berries

The robin up close - I think it is cold

An empty, deserted nest - its time has gone


  1. Love your photos, it's like spring where you live. Quite white here.

  2. Love your walks Tim. There definitely is still beauty even when the Fall color has disappeared.

  3. Un beau reportage sur nos amis les oiseaux ! Superbe escadrille d'oies dans le ciel !

  4. A robin? Wow! I won't see one until April, if the weather cooperates. Great captures of your walk, Tim. :)

  5. That is wonderful photographs, Tim. So sunny where you live and so colorful. I even have difficult time to imagine that it's very cold.

    Yes, a robin looks that he is cold. And it's a little bit sad to look at abandoned nest.

    Beautiful and very interesting pictures. Colors are amazing.


  6. Wonderful photos--thanks for taking us along.

  7. º°♥❤ Olá, amiga!
    ❤ Belas fotos... sua caminhada foi produtiva... lindas imagens.

    º°❤ Beijinhos.
    ♥❤ Brasil.

  8. Little robin redbreast! Ohhhhh...doesn't it need to fly away and come back in the spring? You caught yourself some beauties, Tim!

  9. My friend your photos are so beautiful. You must live in a wonderful place.
    Have a nice week

  10. It is not necessary to travel far, just to wide open the eyes.
    I saw this robin species in Yosemite Park, California.
    (These days a couple of magpies is around an old nest in our street)