Tuesday, January 3, 2012

Rice Family Christmas

Monday a week ago, the Rice family got together for Christmas. It was a wonderful time of family, food, and remembering Christ's birth. The pictures below will share a glimpse of that experience.

Mom and all her children

Mom and all her grandchildren

The Christmas dinner table is set with an abundance of food

Singing our Christmas prayer

A story of The Three Trees

Gift time

Conversation time

Playing and enjoying Christmas music

Singing Christmas carols

Playing table games


Playing Rummikub

Supper time with delicious apple dumplings on the left,
fruit salad, and many kinds of snacks


  1. Lovely. You're very fortunate. Best wishes in this and all seasons.

  2. Wonderful new memories with games and songs. It's nice the whole family could be together with your mom. I know she knows you are all there and the love and laughter make her feel happy too. I enjoy seeing the pictures and you have a very strong family bonds.

  3. It was almost the same for us instead there was no old person anymore, I suppose I was the older one. It happens so, unhappily, but a family feast is the good moment for remembering the previous and enjoying the newest people : my grand-daughter is 2 years and a half and my grand-son is two months now.
    An happy new year, Tim ! For you and yours.

  4. Looks like a great Christmas! My daughter has started playing the violin again--I love it (she switched the guitar a few years ago so she could sing).

  5. What a treasure to have the whole family together. Amazing table with all the settings and food.
    these are such precious memories.
    Happy New Year Tim to you and yours.

  6. Tim what a beautiful family you have. Christmas is a time for love and friendship, forgiveness and kindness, generosity and affection and above all family time. That Christmas, can prevail in the hearts of men throughout all the year round.
    Happy New Year.

  7. Your family posts like this always make me smile, Tim, because you, too, come from a large family (the difference being that there are 4 of each in mine!). I love how connected you all are and that your fun is spent in time together apart from all the electronics of our day and age!

  8. What a great family gathering – it must feel so warm to be surrounded by wonderful kinfolks like that. We never had so many people at our Christmas table. I was the only child and my mother also an only child so there were no cousins, just my grandparents on her side (my grandparents on my father side were in Turkey.) I can just imagine how much fun it would have been to have cousins to play with. I hope 2012 will be a great year for you and your family.

  9. Thanks, geo. I am blessed. Wish you a wonderful new year!

    Thanks, sue anne. Family is important to us. That's the way we were raised.

    Thanks, cergie. And, yes, I am realizing that I and my siblings are fast becoming the older generation. Life keeps moving on.

    Thanks, sage. I like violin music - it touches the soul.

    Thanks, photowannabe. Yes, these times are precious memories.

    Thanks, maria. That kind of Christmas I want to prevail in the hearts of all humankind all year round each and every year.

    Thanks, ginnie. Our family time and connectiveness is special. But while minimal there were some electronics there during the gathering though they functioned as group activities.

    Thanks, vagabonde. It is warm and wonderful. But each of us needs to work with what we're given. There is much be thankful for.