Thursday, January 20, 2011

Dawn Arises

Dawn arises
A clean slate
A path prepared
A road to choose

A blur of unknowns
A certainty of uncertainty
Influxes of hard cold realities
A winter unwanted

But in the stillness
A whisper of a new morning
A morning still coming
When hope reigns
And all is well


  1. Beautiful Tim
    and always 'hope'.

  2. Wonderful poem, Tim. Keep writing them! And from a History major too . . .

    Your old pal, John B

  3. It's not prose. It's is poetry. And pretty good, at that. :-)


  4. Thank you for coming to my blog. I answered you but in case you do not go back here is what I wrote: “Welcome to my blog. You say you were happy not to be in Atlanta because of the snow. I see that you live in Pennsylvania. Do you know the last time I saw that much snow? That was when we lived in Ardmore, PA, when my husband was attending the University of Pennsylvania in Philadelphia. I could barely stir the VW bug we had then. Please come back and visit anytime.” I read your poem and found it truly beautiful. I’ll come back and read some more of your posts.

  5. A lovely poem that adds meaning to the photo. I've been to Eastern PA, several times to photograph at the old, Kuerner Farm in Chadds Ford where Andrew Wyeth often painted. It's a lovely area. I'll be back shooting at Eastern State Penitentiary in the spring.

  6. Beautiful red closed to the white snow ! It is just what I needed for my doll's house
    Dawn : the day is beginning it may be sunny or rainy but it must be good though...

  7. I do hope you're getting out and taking LOTS of photos, Tim! And...hopefully you're also staying warm. So, you're also a poet! I love it. :)

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  9. Thanks, sue anne. And hope is key, isn't it?

    Thanks, john. Glad you enjoyed it.

    Thanks, lamar. Your thoughts are appreciated.

    Thanks, vagabonde. Glad you enjoyed my post. I mainly was glad that I wasn't in Atlanta during the snow because people there are not experienced enough to know how to handle snow when driving.

    Thanks, ted. Glad you enjoyed both thoughts and photo.

    Thanks, cergie. Always glad to see you come by.

    Thanks, ginnie. It can be a struggle right now to keep warm. :) Glad you enjoyed my poem.