Monday, January 31, 2011

A Snowy Journey

This past Saturday I went hiking on portions of PA State Game Lands #196 in West Rockhill Township, Bucks County a short distance off of Ridge Valley Road. Two days before the hike we had a foot or more of snow. We had only been expecting four to six inches originally. It was a peaceful morning with the exception of one gun shot but it was small game season for squirrels and rabbits. So below is just a glimpse of my Saturday morning.


  1. pretty! the blue berries are my fave. :)

  2. Incredible snow shots....makes me like this long winter a wee bit more.
    SOrt of;)
    Love the "looking down the road" shot!

  3. Snow and light though. The weather was very very cold I presume. And no steps there before yours...

  4. What an amazing year for snow! As I write, we are both in the middle of another storm and I'm itching to go out and photograph it.

  5. As always, beautiful photos. How is your web business going?

  6. I'd be in heaven with all that snow, Tim! I really haven't had my fill of it yet this winter but I'll be surprised if we get any more. Sigh. I'm intrigued by your game lands having numbers...but then, I guess that makes sense. You love these walks and it shows by your images.

  7. Thanks, kirsten, the blue berries picture is a favorite of mine,too.

    Thanks, dawn, glad you enjoyed these photos. Snow often creates beautiful landscapes.

    Thanks, cergie. Very few steps were there before mine and for my photos I stuck to areas where there were no other steps.

    Thanks, ted roth. Snow does provide some beautiful photographic opportunities.

    Thanks, sage. Glad you enjoyed my pics. As far as my web business, it hasn't really started yet. I am creating a web page for my home church.

    Thanks, sue anne. Glad you enjoyed the pics.

    Thanks, ginnie. I do love these walks!