Monday, February 7, 2011

Ice and Birds

Back on February 2 we had quite an ice storm. I had to go to work that day. But while I was at work, my wife was at home and had an amazing opportunity to take some bird photos from a third floor window. Below are some of those shots.

Three days later, my wife took some more bird pictures from the same third floor window. She made me proud of her and her photography.


  1. Some lovely shots of birds that don't come to our feeder in Connecticut. That was the storm I headed up to a local orchard to catch the trees lined with ice. Instead of getting pictures, my car got stuck and the farmer came with his tractor and pulled me out.

  2. Them birds are cold! Great shots!

  3. Black and white and some tiny soft and colored balls.... These are cute, they seem being Chritmas decoration of Wild Nature...

  4. Two photographers in the same family! I know what that's like, Tim. Does she have her own camera??? :) (hint, hint)

  5. Thanks, ted. I was proud of the shots my wife took of the birds. Sorry you didn't get your chance for photography. Getting stuck is no fun!

    Thanks, sage. Glad you enjoyed my wife's photography.

    Thanks, cergie. They are wonderful decorations in the world of nature.

    Thanks, ginnie. We have two cameras. And since we're married, they are both of ours. :)