Tuesday, February 15, 2011

Brief Reflection on Valentines Weekend

Yesterday, four years ago, my wife and I became formally engaged. A little over six months later we became married folks. For this Valentine's Day, we celebrated by attending a weekend marriage enrichment conference entitled "The Art of Marriage." One of the main themes of that conference was "Be quick to listen, but slow to speak."  Another central theme emphasized daily recognizing and accepting your spouse as God's good and perfect gift which was also a central theme in our wedding three and a half years ago.

Sweetheart, when you read this, I want to affirm you again as God's good and perfect gift to me. Thanks for your daily walking through life with me. Thanks for standing with me through good times and bad. Thanks for loving me no matter the circumstances. Sweetheart, you are the best!!!


  1. Sounds like a definite way to spend the weekend learning and in God's direction.
    Beautiful flower too !

  2. It doesn't get much better than that, Tim! (Sorry, I misspelled a word in my last comment, so I deleted it.)

  3. A great posting to look back on year after year. After 40 years my wife and I are still going strong. It sounds as if you'll last at least as long.

  4. How time flows quickly Tim ! I cannot believe that it was 4 years past already ! But I know that love can grow day after day...
    You both deserve happiness....

  5. Thanks, sue anne. It was a good weekend and I would recommend it to any married couple.

    Thanks, ginnie. Life is good especially with being able to share it with my wife.

    Thanks, ted roth. My wife is special and before I got married it was already decided that there is no turning back. Once married, always married. Vows are meant to be kept.

    Thanks, cergie. Time does fly but God has and still does bless us.