Monday, February 28, 2011

A Nature Photo and Kaleidoscopic Designs

Those of you who followed me on my previous blogs some years ago may recall that sometimes I enjoy taking a nature photo to create a variety of abstract kaleidoscopic designs. So is the case in this post. I am presenting the original nature photo first with seven designs following.

I might mentioned that fungus and moss have fascinated me 
since I was a child. At one time I even thought about
studying to become a biologist. Obviously, life ultimately
led elsewhere; but I have never lost my love of nature.


  1. Lovely kaleidoscopes. How did you get from the initial photo to the first abstraction? Have you experimented with making kaleidoscopes by mirroring actual photos. In his workshops, Andre Gallant teaches several techniques for doing this. I think they are described in one of his books as well. In any case, lovely. I especially like the subtle colors of the last one.

  2. Fascinating technique. I have never seen this done before. Love the subtle tones of the last one too.
    Thanks for stopping by my blog and leaving the nice comment. Come back again.

  3. Do you mean that your kaleidoscopic designs come from that fungus? How did you do that – was it some type of Photoshop program? I have never seen this done but it is truly beautiful. When I was little I had a kaleidoscope and would spend hours with it. Thanks for coming to my blog and leaving comments – I appreciate it.

  4. The previous picture was simple and colorful and the results are so different and incredible : some pictures are green, some one are rather red. It's the same with cooking : sugar and flour and milk and eggs will become cakes or anything else. That's funny and very creative, indeed.

  5. Tim, they look like stained glass windows! Love the affect!

    Charley Pitchford

  6. Oh yes, Tim. I remember that you enjoy doing this. It fascinates me now as much as then. Good for you to play around again. :)

  7. Thanks, ted roth. I used a kaleidoscope filter in Corel Paint Shop Pro Photo to design these patterns. There are something like eight or so different settings to adjust to get these different designs.

    Thanks, photowannabe. I'm glad you enjoyed the designs.

    Thanks, kirsten. I had fun doing these. :)

    Thanks, vagabonde. Kaleidoscopes are fun!

    Thanks, sage. Art is something I enjoy and appreciate.

    Thanks, cergie. I like your comparisons.

    Thanks, Charley. They could be stained glass windows, couldn't they?

    Thanks, ginnie. Glad you enjoyed these. Kaleidoscopic art is fascinating.