Monday, January 10, 2011

Snow Scenes

This past Friday and Saturday, we had a small amount of snow - just enough to be beautiful. Below are a few photographs from around home.


 A barn behind our home
This snow scene looks best enlarged - click on it.

Coming back home after a morning's walk


  1. I love the architecture of where you live, Tim. It brings back memories of my growing-up days in Michigan. And how can you beat fresh snow!

  2. Lovely snow scenes and yes the town is of beautiful history architecture.

  3. Thanks, ginnie. The architecture is beautiful! I appreciate it, too. And we have gotten more snow since then.

    Thanks, sue anne. Glad you enjoyed the snow scenes and the architecture.

  4. What a large and nice house, Tim is it where you live ?
    The picture I prefer is the one at the top. I like to look at these roofs and smoking chimneys. The weather was cold !