Monday, April 25, 2011

More Memories of Dad

Yesterday some digital memorabilia pertaining to Dad was distributed to family members including some older photos. It brought back many good memories. So I thought I would share a small portion of them here.

One of a very few pictures of my Dad as a child

My Dad and Mom were married in 1954 in a double wedding.
Dad and Mom are respectively second and third from the viewer's left.

My Dad and Mom with their first three toddlers

A family picture with all the children; I am the one in the red suit coat.

Here Dad is operating a tractor-powered saw to cut firewood for the wood stove. The chicken house that held 6,000 chickens in cages is in the background. Directly in front of the chicken house was an orchard containing sour cherry, sweet cherry, apple, peach, and apricot fruit trees.

Dad and Mom making apple cider

Dad butchering a chicken while one of us finishes a late supper after work

Dad enjoyed hiking with us kids

Dad reading bedtime stories


  1. What a terrific blog entry! The photos and your comments are treasurable bits of history. That looks like someone doing homework at the table where your dad is butchering the chicken. Terrific to see the chicken house and that saw. Did you have farm chores you had to do as kids?

  2. These are just wonderful! What memories and treasures here- so glad you have them!!

  3. Thanks for stopping in and leaving a comment. What special memories of your Dad.

  4. Ohhhh, Tim, I love this! The memories. Oh my. And to think you, too, are one of 8 kids but only one sister. At least in my family there were 4 of each. :) Keep the memories coming. They will put salve on your grief and will allow us to blanket you with our TLC. Thank you.

  5. it is so much fun to go through and look at old photos even amoung tears there is much laughter in remembering the good times.

  6. Very nice memories looking at the old photos.
    Thanks for sharing!

  7. I wish I had more of these kind of pictures. Your lucky to have them... :)
    btw Thanks for stopping by. I also have a "nature" blog.

  8. These pictures show your Dad had much joy at each moment of his life. He was really a true philosopher, serious and still a kid in his heart at the same time.

  9. Nice shots, Tim - they look familiar, probably because we have similar family shots. I grew up in a family of 7 kids so can relate.

  10. Thanks, ted roth. We all had farm chores that we had to do before and/or after going to school. Sometimes as we got older we got out of doing some farm chores by getting after school and Saturday jobs working at such places as grocery stores, greenhouses, or lawn-mowing jobs and the like.

    Thanks, dawn. Glad I could share these treasures with you and others.

    Thanks, changes in the wind. Glad you stopped by and shared in my memories.

    Thanks, ginnie. Thanks for sharing in memories.

    Thanks, paige. These are good memories; I am blessed to have them.

    Thanks, sue anne. Glad you appreciate these memories.

    Thanks, troutbirder. I am indeed blessed with many good memories.

    Thanks, cergie. Dad was a very special person and he took much joy in life even when it was not so easy.

    Thanks, rick. Isn't it fun being a part of a large family?

  11. Que de beaux souvenirs et quelle belle famille souriante !