Monday, April 11, 2011

Signs of Spring

This past Thursday I went for a walk around my home town enjoying the many sights of Spring. Here are some of the highlights from that walk.

Along the hedgerow where we live

This tree is the first one to bloom every Spring.

There's something special about this clump of daffodils.

I love the blue of these blossoms.

A beautiful row of forsythias along an old barn

Even a few tulips blooming already

One of my favorite spring wildflowers


  1. Beautiful photos--after being down south and in DC, coming back to Michigan where everything is still brown (and they're calling for snow this weekend) is hard.

  2. Lots of beautiful flowers on your walk. We still have snow.

  3. Merci pour toutes ces fleurs
    Elles sont magnifiques bye

  4. Nice photographs Tim! Southeast PA is way ahead of New England when it comes to flowers, but your shots give me hope. Thank you.

  5. It never grows old, year after year, Tim, this turning from winter to spring. It's as though we had never seen it before!

  6. Thanks, sage. And it does sound hard to come back to brownness and snow after experiencing a much warmer, greener environment.

    Thanks, horst in edmonton. Sometimes we have had snow in early April but that is rare.

    Merci, la France. Je suis heureux que vous avez apprécié les belles fleurs. Dieu nous apporte de nombreux bienfaits dans la nature.

    Thanks, forestal. Spring is one of my favorite seasons.

    Thanks, wild_bill. I'm glad my pictures bring hope.

    Thanks, ginnie. Spring never grows old.

  7. Beautiful walk and pretty Spring colors. I like the tulips especially.

  8. All these flowers are now faded around here. We call the tiny one you like "ficaire" in French.