Sunday, May 22, 2011

A Day in the Sun

Saturday, after about ten days of rain and clouds, we finally had a beautiful, sunny day. I decided to celebrate by grilling chicken over charcoal and taking a few photos of flowers around home and at our neighbors. So this post is celebrating a glorious day in the sun.

Wonderful green against a beautiful blue sky
The blooming tree in the front is very sweet-smelling.

Moments after first lighting the charcoal to grill chicken tenders

The charcoals just about ready to be spread out

Chicken tenders prepared by my wife just before going on the grill

Almost ready - yummy!

Ready to eat along with asparagus and English muffins

A red rose near our house

A beautiful rhododendron

Another pretty rhododendron


  1. What a nice day you had! The chicken looks great and may I say I've never seen a neater stack of charcoal! ;)

  2. Beautiful day after all the rain and food lools yummy!
    I believe the coals ate set up by a perfectionist. (:
    Very pretty flowers!

  3. And you didn't invite me, Tim???? HA! I don't remember when the last time was I had home-grilled chicken/meat. We don't know anyone here who has a grill. Sigh. But when we're in the Stsates in October, we'll be in luck.

    I love the flowers at this time of the year. We have gorgeous rhododendrons here, too. The colors are stunning. So glad you had a Saturday of sun after all that rain!

  4. Your shicken sure does look yummy, You flowers are beautiful.

  5. I enjoyed reading your backposts written while I was away. I like reading about your memory of your family and life on the farm. Your flowers are very pretty and the chicken made my mouth water! Thanks for coming to my blog.

  6. What a perfectly perfect day!!! I want your supper right about now:)))

  7. It seems to me I'm going back the weeks, because robinia and rhododendron are faded now here, however roses still look stunning (and lime trees make fragrant)
    Sun.... We need rain....

  8. Thanks, nancy. The day and the chicken was great. My wife and I really enjoyed it. As for the charcoal, when I first got the grill, I read the directions and followed them. :)

    Thanks, sue anne. Glad you liked my post except perhaps for my perfectionism. ;)

    Thanks, ginnie. You are welcome to come anytime. And if the weather is suitable, I'll grill chicken for you. :)

    Thanks, horst in edmonton. It was a wonderful day and meal.

    Thanks, vagabonde. Glad you enjoy my posts and I enjoy coming by your blog. Keep up the good work.

    Thanks, dawn. That supper was yummy!

    Thanks, cergie. The rhododendrons are starting to go back here, too, now.

  9. Hello Tim, this is a fantastic blog. It's full of life and joy. Grilled chicken look really yummy and flowers are very beautiful. You and your family had a wonderful day after so many rains.

    Great and very interesting blog.

    Greetings from Utah.

  10. I can relate to all the rain - good to see you enjoyed a wonderful day in the sun. Nothing better than a bbq at home, with family, and in beautiful surroundings.

    Have a great week Tim.

  11. Thanks, Kaya. Glad you found it fun! Blessings!

    Thanks, Rick. It was a good day!