Monday, May 16, 2011

Fond memories of Dad and Mom

It's amazing sometimes what a photo or a few photos can do a person and the memories they trigger both happy and sad. This particular post was inspired by the photo below that my sister gave to me last week.

This photo of myself with my Dad and Mom was taken around three and a half years ago at the wedding reception for my wife and I. Our whole family with all their children was there for our wedding celebration. And my sister came all the way from from Thailand. She is my only sister and I couldn't ask for a better sister than her. We didn't fully know it then but the normality of life as we then knew it was swiftly coming to an end.

At that time we already knew that Mom had Alzheimers and was having some memory problems. But she could still take care of the house, make meals, and have meaningful conversations. And she could still appreciate and enjoy our wedding. But soon after that her abilities rapidly declined. Today she needs total care and she isn't capable of holding a conversation. Yet she is still special; she is my Mom whom I love and who my whole family loves. As for my dad as many of my readers already know, he was diagnosed with cancer a year ago from last fall and passed away the beginning of March this year. But we have many good memories and that is what I want to continue to share in the rest of this post.

Dad always loved dogs. Over the years,
he had a variety of Collies, Beagles, and mixed breeds.

He enjoyed snow and trying out a mini-bike
that one of my brothers bought.

He enjoyed games and celebrations. Here he and Mom are passing
a breath mint from one mouth-held toothpick to the other.

King of the Mountain after coming home from church

Dad enjoyed gardening each summer. Here he is with
some extra tall sunflowers and I think squash.

He enjoyed reading the newspapers to keep up with both local and world news.

Here he and Mom are browsing hymn books
possibly in preparation for singing in a quartet.

And here is Dad on his 65th birthday.

And here is a dogwood in memory of my Dad


  1. This has brought so many tears of joy to my eyes, Tim, I'm sure because of how beautifully you have written this...and how it is reminding me of my own deceased parents. My mom also had Alzheimer's and outlived my dad by 2 years. Dad died of cancer, as did yours. So many similarities. Thank you for living through these memories, post after post. It's what will get you through your grief. I just wish I had been blogging back in 1995 and 1997 when my parents died. I know it would have helped me!

  2. Wonderful memories and pictures- your mother can sense your presence and family - cherish her amd every moment. Thanks for sharing.

  3. This is a lovely tribute to your parents, Tim. I know how difficult it is to even think about some of these memories, let alone blog about them.

    My father passed in 2007 after a long battle with Alzheimers. My mother is still here and at 82, fairly healthy.

    I always try to see the good in any situation as I'm sure you do. Love the photos of your parents and of your dad. I imagine they had long and happy lives together. :)

  4. Un bel hommage ! Heureux anniversaire pour vos parents !

  5. This is really lovely; great tribute and lovely pics. :-)

  6. A great post Tim - you were certainly blessed with Christian parents. You also have great memories of both your parents. My in-laws had a similar history - my father-in-law passed away from cancer (7 years ago) and my mother-in-law succumbed to Alzheimers last year after suffering with it for almost 20 years. But they're both in a place where there's no more pain and suffering !

  7. So many memories to treasure and share with us thank you ! You have your sister, your brothers at least who can speak with you and remember and tell you news belonging to the past. It is a great chance.
    Thank you especially for the picture of the nice happy guy at the top and the beautiful pink flowers remembering me my journey in California...

  8. Sweet memories and tribute. My mother also had that horrible condition. Ten years. At the end I had the consolation that she was not aware of what was happening. At the beginning was another matter....

  9. Thanks, ginnie. I'm glad these posts bring tears of joy to you. Reminiscing does bring back many good memories.

    Thanks, sue anne. And I do cherish my Mom and the time I have with her.

    Thanks, nancy. My parents did have a long and good life together. And my Dad set a good example of caring for his wife (my mom).

    Thanks, fifi. I could not have asked for more loving parents committed to each other and to us their children.

    Thanks, tinajo. Your thoughts are appreciated.

    Thanks, rick. I'm so glad that my Dad is no longer suffering; yet in spirit he was strong to the end.

    Thanks, cergie. Glad you appreciate my posts. :)

    Thanks, paige. Hope you are doing well.

    Thanks, troutbirder. Alzheimer's is terrible disease and at the beginning my mom used to comment that she never wanted this condition. We told her that we understood and that we loved her and would continue to love her no matter what. But it does hurt.