Tuesday, May 31, 2011

More Reflections on Mom

My Mom is a special person. And here I want to preserve some memories of her and her life.

My mom enjoyed quilting at home and at church. She also quilted each year
for our local Christian school spring auction. Here she is working on a crazy patch quilt.

My mom made this quilt in 1985. My wife and I are blessed
to have this quilt on our bed in colder weather.

She also quilted wall hangings.

My dad got this apron for my mom many years ago.
My dad was a poultry farmer.

Here mom is holding a ring-necked pheasant. My dad used to hunt them
every year on his farm and mom would make pheasant pie.

Here mom is attempting to feed a peacock probably at the Philadelphia Zoo.
Us children looked forward to those trips to the zoo.

Here's mom from before my arrival on this earth.

Here's mom as a young child.

And here's mom as a toddler.


  1. This is a very nice post filled with priceless and beautiful memories. Your mother is a beautiful and talented woman. She did the beautiful quilts. I have never learned how to do them and I think it takes a lot of skills and patience. I looked with interest at all these pictures. They are very nice and touching.

    Thank you for sharing with us the story of your mother.

  2. That’s so lovely !
    I would have like to have had such a mother. I’m happy having had mine but she did not quilt only knit. I would like to have learn quilt with my mother ! Thank you Tim for the walk in your memory.

  3. I've been having issues with leaving comments, well not me but blogger issues.

    thanks so much for sharing this part of your mom with us and for showing her beautiful quilts

  4. Thanks, kaya! I do have many beautiful and priceless memories. I and my family have been blessed.

    Thanks, marguerite. Glad you enjoyed my post. My mom is and was quite special!

    Thanks,paige. Glad you enjoyed my post. Hopefully, blogger won't give more troubles.

  5. Hi Tim, this is photowannabe (Sue). I have been trying to comment on your blog for some time now and I just keep getting caught in the "Blogger/Google" loop.
    So....I'm trying to comment via anonymous. Hope this works.
    Lovely tribute to your Mom. They are precious memories.

  6. So sweet memories of your mom!
    she's just wonderful!

    loved this post!''have a great rest of your weekend!

  7. Hi Tim,
    I appreciate this post with pictures and a little history about your mom. It almost brought tears to my eyes. Our mothers are really special to us and we have to cherish them every chance we get.

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  8. Wonderful pictures of your wonderful mom. My wife and I have enjoyed exploring our own genealogy and have special love of old family photos. We've gotten to know cousins all over the country and have gathered many pictures of great uncles and aunts to fill out our sense of family.

    Your mom was clearly a highly skilled quilt-maker.

  9. What a treasure and tribute to your mom, Tim! I wonder if she would even recognize herself in these images now? Alzheimer's plays such terrible tricks on the mind. But I'd love to know her reaction if she could see this post. Bless her!

  10. What lovely photos and memories. Your mother’s quilts were beautiful – I appreciate all the work and talent it takes to make such quilts. I like the picture of your mom as a young girl, with her long hair and lovely smile. She was a cute little girl.

  11. Thanks, everyone. Our moms and our families are precious. I'm glad you enjoyed the pictures of the quilts and the my other memorabilia of Mom.