Tuesday, August 30, 2011

Toadstools and More after Hurricane Irene

Today I took time to wander around the lawn at home. One of the highlights were the toadstools that sprung up as Hurricane Irene moved on. Toadstools and fungi in general fascinate me and are an item of beauty to me. So below are some of the highlights of my wanderings this afternoon. Among some of the toadstools, I  love the combination of reds, yellows, and browns.


  1. What shall I say, Tim ? Rather try to take back the wild rabbit, rather than the mushrooms...
    (Winter will soon be here !)

  2. Mushrooms..... How wonderful!!!! I don't see many mushrooms where I live. It's not enough water for them to grow ( Northern Utah). And I can enjoy your pictures of mushrooms. They are all beautiful and look very delicious but I think that they are not eatable. They are so small but very strong. And they give you a feeling of autumn. I love all the pictures but my favorite one is the last picture. Something touching about it. It might be a light and colors or it might be the big mushrooms and tiny one together.

    It's was a pure pleasure to see these pictures. Autumn shows her face and soon will arrive.

    Greetings from Kaya.

  3. Oi, I missed a great picture of rabbit. I think this is a rabbit. That is an amazing picture!!!!! She is beautiful. I wonder what she is doing there? Her face is so cute and very kind.

    Love this picture very much.

  4. A great collection, Tim - love the ones with the red tint. I like them also - such unusual plants and they spring up quickly, and are gone just as fast.

  5. Awww...fairyland and bunnies.
    Glad Irene was kind to you.

  6. And a rabbit too! The bottom shot is my favorite. So what is it about Irene that made the fungi pop? They are all over here too. Some have a wonderful red color. Can you get your camera down underneath them and shoot up at the underside of the umbrella? Terrific subject.

  7. Viva a vida com muito amor.
    Mate saudades,enquanto é tempo.
    Peça perdão ,mesmo que seja você o ofendido.
    Recupere o tempo perdido ,procurando ser feliz nas coisas de Deus.
    Faça um carinho,alegrando alguém que esta triste.
    A todo instante,fale uma palavra especial para
    quem necessita ouvir.
    Com seu amor podera fazer mudanças em muitas vidas.
    Creia você pode não mudar tudo nesse Mundo.
    Mais poderá fezer no coração de muitos.
    A morada de Deus.
    Um Domingo na paz e na luz de Jesus.
    Bjs no coração.
    Carinhosamente seguindo seu blog.

  8. Ohhhh, and the bunny rabbit having the day of his life!

    I'd love to know how many of these mushrooms/toadstools are edible, Tim. Wouldn't that be something if you could eat most of them!

  9. Thanks, Cergie. I prefer to leave both the wild rabbit and the mushrooms free and wild. :)

    Thanks, Kaya. I enjoyed the colors and their different shades, too. And you're right - they do give a feel of autumn arriving. The rabbit was there trying to hide from me as I was roaming around the lawn.

    Thanks, ted roth! I've read that mushrooms and fungi thrive just after major rain storms. They must like lots of moisture. But they disappear quickly - too late to even try shooting underneath them. And I probably would need a macro lens which I lack.

    Thanks, Rick! I, too, think mushrooms are such unusual plants to be visually enjoyed when one happens upon them.

    Thanks, photowannabe. I'm glad, too, that Irene was kind to us. Some areas not to far from us were significantly flooded or without electricity for a week or so.

    Thanks, evanir. Glad you enjoyed my blog and glad you love my Jesus.

    Thanks, blueshell. Come by anytime!

    Thanks, ginnie. Actually, the bunny was quite scared trying to hide from me I think. As for eating the mushrooms, I wouldn't try that. My knowledge of edible and poisonous mushrooms is quite small. I'll buy mushrooms at the grocery store or in a dish at a restaurant if I want to eat them. :)