Monday, September 12, 2011


Yesterday afternoon, my wife and I went over to the old family farm house. It was the first time we were there since it was completely cleaned out after the passing of my dad earlier this spring. It was a time of remembering what was and what will be no more. Below is a poem I wrote expressing some of my continuing emotions from that visit.

Yesterday, a house bustling
A home filled with warmth
Kids filling the air with laughter
Home grown meals full of tantalizing aromas

Today, a house empty, forlorn
Silent, barren, crumbling
A large stump decaying
A time lost forever

A time of grief
Missing what used to be
Knowing what was
Is all but gone

Yet knowing
We who remain
Have what is important
Love that thrives above circumstance


  1. Thanks for the poem.It brings back memories of people who were close to me but have since passed on.

  2. I can understand you, Tim, I feel the same with our home house which was sold.
    You have your mother left and your brothers, sister, nephews and nieces. Your life is not behind you, you are still young and have much to built now by your own with your wife...

  3. This is a beautiful poem. I can understand how you feel, Tim. Yes, it was time but it will be still some nice memories in future. I am sure. You are leaving this place in your heart. It will be always there.....

    I always remember our home where I was a girl who went to high school and where my father and mother were happy. My dad isn't anymore in this life but the memories are so alive that sometimes it seems that it was yesterday.

    This poem touched my heart, Tim.

    Greetings from Kaya.

  4. Your last sentence of the poem is perfect.
    Love that thrives above circumstance, beautifully said.
    You obviously have wonderful memories of the place and your family. That's the best tribute.

  5. Nice poem, sparse words is the best way to capture such emotions. Blessings

  6. Thanks, kirsten. Glad you appreciated it.

    Thanks, larry. Glad it could bring back some good memories.

    Thanks, cergie. I do have much to be thankful for and a life to continue to build with my wonderful wife.

    Thanks, kaya. I'm glad this poem touched your heart. I think they are feelings that many people experience at some point.

    Thanks photowannabe. That last sentence is key to the whole poem and all the feelings it expresses.

    Thanks, sage. Good to hear from you again after your long trip abroad.

  7. I know, Tim. I know. You have reminded me of our own loss when this happened to my large family (8 kids). Thankfully, the memories remain forever. No one can take them from you. Cherish them always, as I know you will. And keep writing your poetry whenever you need to!