Monday, October 3, 2011

Transformations of an Autumn Leaf

From time to time as some of my readers know I like to play with a real life photo and transform it into abstract art. This is one of those posts. The first photo below is the original photo with all that follows being transformations.

This original photo was taken at the Green Lane Reservoir Park
in Montgomery County, PA this past Sunday.

Here I converted it into a seamless tile.

I took the seamless tile and applied a balls and bubbles effect.

Here I applied a keleidoscopic filter and overlaid it with a weave effect.

Here's another keleidoscopic effect.

Still another keleidoscope with a mosaic tile pattern.

And lastly an unrelated photo that ....

strikes me as a picture for a storywriting assignment.


  1. I always like these photos... And you're right about the last photo as a good writing assignment!

  2. Tim, I love how you played with a picture and made so many abstracts of it. That is a beautiful digital art. Your work is very good. I am amazed. All pictures are excellent and beautiful.

    And the last picture really has a story, a very good story.


  3. Looks like you have as much fun editing photos as I do -- :)

  4. Very neat art transformation and I like the abandoned boats. Photography always tells a story.

  5. It is nice to see what you have been able to do.

    Thanks to you who visit, I continue to post because you seem pleased with my pictures.

  6. Terrific experiments. However, the picture at the end is a gem. Well done!

  7. Amazing geometric convolutions, Tim. And I especially like the vigilant little bird perched on the sign telling why both boats are upside down.

  8. thats creativity loaded with imagination...

  9. Great transformations !!! And I'm sure those two boats have been lying there telling each other stories. for a long time !

  10. Only the wind knew which leaf was the prettier and now we know too, because you chose it and played and shown it to us. However maybe I prefer the first picture and the last one the best.

  11. I love it when you show this kind of creativity, Tim. I especially love the colors of the original. Good choice. :) And yes, that last image is a story waiting to be told!

  12. Love the kelidoscope treatment Tim. Lots of fun. Well I have tried to post a comment 3 times. If it doesn't work this time, I give up!!!

  13. Thanks, jeff. Glad you enjoy my playing around with photos. Also glad you enjoyed my story photo.

    Thanks, kaya. I do have fun making abstract art from real photos from time to time. There is beauty in geometry.

    Thanks, nancy. Glad I'm not the only one. :)

    Thanks, sue anne. I always enjoy your coming by my blog.

    Thanks, abraham lincoln. Isn't it so true that we all keep posting because there are other people enjoy what we do.

    Thanks, ted roth. Glad you enjoyed my playing.

    Thanks, marias teater. Glad you enjoyed my post.

    Thanks, geo. I like your interpretation of what the bird on the sign is doing. :)

    Thanks, deeps. I love creativity loaded with imagination. :)

    Thanks, rick. Great idea ie the two boats telling each other stories.

    Thanks, cergie. Your commentary pleases me and causes me to smile with satisfaction even with your preferring reality over abstract. :)

    Thanks, ginnie. Always good to know that you enjoy my creativity. And who knows, maybe some day the stories of the boat picture shall come forth.

  14. How creative! I don’t know what system you use to do this but it is great. The last kaleidoscope picture could be a needlepoint pattern. I enjoy this series of pictures.