Monday, October 31, 2011

A Snowy October 29

Saturday, October 29 in Pennsylvania we had an early winter snow storm. In Telford, Montgomery County area where I live we only had around six inches of snow; some areas in PA had as much as twelve inches. The last time we had accumulating snow in October in this area was back in 1979. Many people have been without electricity since then due to trees that fell down under the weight of the snow. However, my wife and I are blessed to have only loss electricity for a split second though we did lose our phone and internet service for a few hours Saturday morning. The following are a few pictures from around home not near as dramatic as scenes I've seen from friends on Facebook.


  1. The fact that the snow does not matter, but what caused everything is scary!

  2. Great pictures--up here where we should be getting snow, we haven't had any!

  3. Quite a snowstorm and well documented pictures to show of this historical early snow!

  4. I cannot see the pictures for the moment, it happens sometimes, so I’ll come back later.
    Snow came to early the trees were not ready at all they had their leaves left.
    Happily you and your wife are young it is scary for old and alone persons being without electricity.
    (In the south part of France there is plenty rain, wind and storm just now)

  5. Here they are !
    All seems so soft and cosy though !

  6. For October, Tim, it looks pretty dramatic to me!!! I'm glad you did not "suffer" too much with loss of electricity. Hang in there.