Monday, August 9, 2010

Jim Thorpe

This past Friday, my wife and I spent a good part of the day in the Jim Thorpe area of Carbon County, Pennsylvania. Not all went as planned. We would have liked to do more hiking. But at least now we're better acquainted with the area should we go back. Below are some of the things we did and saw.

At the local train station

I took this photo out the window as we rounded the corner.
Some day we would like to ride our bikes on the path beside the tracks.

There's an old train tunnel going into the side of the hill on the left.
This shows a section of the Lehigh River.

Another section of the Lehigh River

Myself on the left; my wife on the right

The town clock tower

From within one of the shops we visited
This scene gives me a sense of old-fashion contentment.

Home of Asa Parker - an old time railroad magnate
The interior of this home is quite ornate; it was worth touring.
Unfortunately interior photography is not allowed there.


  1. Isn't there a model train room there, Tim? This place is one we visited a few years back and I recall the train set-up. I hope I'm not thinking of somewhere else. It's beautiful country in that neck of the woods, which you have captured here!

  2. Mostly my husband enjoys looking trains and travelling by them. When we were in California in Truckee it was especialy nice and we saw so long, long trains going through America and the mountains ! My husband sometimes seems to me being still a child waiting Christmas toys !
    You had a nice day your wife and you, Tim !

  3. Thanks, ginnie. There is a model train room there; but we didn't go see it this time. I take it that you would recommend seeing the model train display.

    Thanks, cergie. It was a mostly good day. We may need to back there some time.

  4. Very nice and the train ride looks fun !
    (Can you make the pictures abit bigger? )
    The home of Asa Parker looks like interesting history.

  5. Thanks, sue anne. The home of Asa Parker was quite ornate inside - definitely worth a tour if you are in Jim Thorpe. If I were to make the pictures larger, I would have to change the format of my page - probably would need to either eliminate the left column or make the width of page exceed the width of many monitor screens. I probably could upload larger pics that you could see if you clicked on the smaller pics; but that would also mean that I would use up my free space sooner. So I probably won't do that.

  6. I studied architecture in Pittsburgh, PA, where H.H. Richardson designed the jail. That clock tower looks a lot like his work. Do you know if it is?

  7. Thanks, ted; This site ( says that it was designed by L.S. Jacoby of Allentown.