Sunday, August 29, 2010

Nature Photos from a Friend's Backyard

Last evening my wife and I were at a swim party at a friend's home in a country setting. During a small part of that time I chose to do some nature photography. Below are three of those photos.

I'm told this is a moth but I don't know what kind.
Can you tell me it's name?

Some pokeberries in the evening sun

A swallowtail butterfly


  1. I bet the moth is a butterfly. We have one just a bit different in Europe ; sometimes I have one in my garden ; it looks like a hummingbird but it is not.

    (Beautiful proboscis and tail. Nice captures, Tim!)

  2. lovely pics, tim! i think it's a hummingbird moth. we had them a few years ago - they are so pretty and fun to watch!

  3. Beautiful set of nature, the first one is excellent in its color and sharpenss. I think too its a hummingbird moth and they come in different colors. Very fast too.

  4. Whatever the moth is, Tim, it's gorgeous. I would love it if it IS a hummingbird moth. So perfect.

  5. Thanks, marguerite, kirsten, sue anne, and ginnie. It is a beautiful hummingbird moth. Thanks for stopping by.

  6. The name I've always been given for those moths is, "hummingbird moth." They're amazing.