Tuesday, August 17, 2010

A Visit with my Nephews on my Wife's Side

Around a week and a half ago, we spent some time with my wife's nephews. It was a very good evening. Below are some of the activities we did with them.

Playing Connect Four

A few rounds of Uno

Working at a Noah's Ark puzzle

Closer to completion :)
It was amazing how interested and well he did the puzzle.

Checking out the garden


  1. Looks like a fun and quality time spent with the nephews.
    The puzzle looks like a hard one, is it Noah's Ark?

  2. I love how on both sides of the family you play games and interact with each other, Tim...rather than watching TV/movies all the time!!!

    And yes, I almost always recommend any model train room I have ever seen.

  3. Thanks, sue anne. It was a good time spent with the nephews. The puzzle definitely was not a simple one and yes it was Noah's Ark.

    Thanks, ginnie. We value family interaction. We didn't go to the train room in Jim Thorpe but I probably wouldn't mind doing so sometime.

  4. I have a grand daughter (13 months old) and a grand niece now, Tim (and my husband has... a grand daughter too of course, and one grand niece and two grand nephews).
    So, it's life...