Saturday, January 1, 2011

A Glimpse of Peddlers Village

Peddlers Village in Lahaska, Bucks County, PA is a fun place to experience a wide variety of restaurants and shops. You can find both the unique and common there - the practical and the unpractical. It is a place to let one's imagination and sensations roam.

We began our day with lunch at the Cock and Bull. I had the Lahaska Salad -
a tasty chicken,lettuce, mandarin oranges, cranberry, and spiced pecans dish.

Following lunch we went to see the gingerbread houses
which I highlighted in the previous post.

From there, we visited a Christmas store.

A Germany store with delightful cuckoo clocks

A scene that reminds me of a menorah 

A store with rooster plates (I like rooster designs)

Some pottery

Boats with sails

Fascinating Plaques
To read the sayings, click on the photo.

Some brightly colored tea kettles

Some delightful wall art

Some beautiful cream pitchers


  1. Each store seems like a fantasyland in and of itself, Tim. So many fun things to see...especially if you're just window shopping. :)

  2. Thanks,ginnie. They are fantasy lands, aren't they! Places to dream and places to fantasy travel.

  3. I don't know if it is such a good idea to come just before lunch Tim, the two top pictures are so appetizing !
    Cuckoo clocks, I have one at home and the luminous scene too coming from Germany. I especially like poteries. They may be used for cooking.

  4. Thanks, ted. That salad was delicious!

    Thanks, cergie. Glad you enjoyed my post. I like cuckoo clocks but don't have one.

  5. I also enjoy the little shops at Peddlers village and the salad looks yummy !
    You sure did alot of window shopping. :)

  6. Thanks, sue anne. The salad was yummy! And I enjoy the kind of window shopping we did at Peddlers Village.