Monday, October 17, 2011

A Few Quilts in Lancaster County

Friday, October 7th, my wife and I spent a day together out in Lancaster County, PA enjoying their local scenery. We stopped at a number of shops and participated in a number of activities like eating cinnamon sugar pretzels, eating at a couple local restaurants that reflect the culture of the area, and taking a horse and wagon ride to an Amish farm. However, this post is centering around some Amish-Mennonite quilts that were on display at one of the local shops in the town of Intercourse in Lancaster County.

I chose to include this photo of Noah and the Ark with a quilt in the
background because sometimes quilting becomes a refuge from the
world and a place to sort out one's thoughts.

Sometimes quilts are a patchwork of material left over from
other projects or older clothing no longer being worn.

Amish-Mennonite quilts can be bright or dark although
from the sampling I saw on this visit most were dark
colors. There was also one quilt that was all white
except for the stitching in the quilt.

As shown in this quilt and the one above, some quilts keep
repeating a standard pattern but change the colors.


  1. Those quilts are totally awesome. I hear they are very expensive, like works of art.

  2. Thank you you for the sweet comment on my blog. I am sorry about your Dad.It is hard and yes memories are everything.
    I am happy you found me these quilts are gorgeous. B

  3. Quilts are works of art, Tim, and when you get the chance to see them displayed, they tell a story. Astrid comes from a Mennonite background where her mom made quilts. We have one on our bed which I love. Thanks for sharing this.

  4. Beautiful quilts and such long hours put into the stitching.

    Lancaster is such a wonderful place to visit and eat at.

  5. Wow, those stunning quilts are definitely works of art! It is apparent that a lot of time, love and effort goes into such a lovely piece. Thank you for sharing this beauty with your blog readers!

  6. Beautiful quilts, Tim. Alot of work represented. Great photos. :)

  7. Lovely! On the wall behind my computer is a lare quilt that I look at every day as I work. It helps me get ideas. Excellent post.

  8. Beautiful !
    Quilts need much time and dexterity. I like the way it gives a new pretty and useful life to old clothes. I would like to know how to cut and sew that.

  9. Thanks, horst in edmonton. Quilts like these are works of art and generally sell quite a lot of money.

    Thanks, buttons. I'm glad you enjoyed this post and yes memories are key.

    Thanks, ginnie. Glad you enjoyed this post. We have a quilt on our bed that my Mom made.

    Thanks, sue anne. And, yes, Lancaster is wonderful place to visit.

    Thanks, julie g. I had fun putting this post together and enjoyed seeing these quilts in person.

    Thanks, nancy. And, yes, these quilts took a lot of work for those who made them.

    Thanks, ted roth. Quilts definitely can be inspiring.

    Thanks, cergie. Glad you enjoyed this post. My mom used to do a lot of this.