Tuesday, July 5, 2011

Family Gathering - Our Activities

On July 3, our family got together for the late afternoon and evening time. There was so much good that happen there I'm splitting it into two posts - one featuring the food and one featuring the many other activities. So be sure to check them both out for the full story. :)

Playing the hat game but it had nothing to do with the hat
See the purple hat on the left. The goal was to figure out how to
play the hat game by carefully watching those who knew.

Playing four square

Playing croquet - a game we played a lot in our childhood days

My wife on the right and one of my sisters-in-law

My sister-in-law on a photograph assignment - a tadpole in
the cup that one of my brothers is holding

My mom and my only sister

One of my strong nieces lifting up my sister on the left

Two of my nephews with their mom's step-mother in the background

We celebrated three birthdays at that gathering. My brother in the center is probably one of the most politically conservative in our family. So as a joke gift, he was given an Obama - Yes We Can t-shirt. He took it very good-naturedly but vowed never to wear it. I have a great family. :)

If you haven't done so already be sure to also check out the post entitled Family Gathering -The Food from this same event.


  1. You all seem being so happy, in particular your mother and your sister. If I remember well your siter lives so far from her familly.
    I would like to have a wooded shed in my garden, the same than yours but my garden is too small...

  2. What a joyous happy family gathering. Love the pictures of the whole family.

  3. I love your family gatherings, Tim. I especially loved seeing your mom involved in her own way. Thank you for showing us what good family time is all about!

  4. Thanks, marguerite. We all were enjoying our family time together. As for my sister, she used to live in Thailand but came home a couple years ago to help care for my Mom.

    Thanks, photowannabe. It was a joyous time!

    Thanks, ginnie. We love seeing our Mom being involved in her own way, too.